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We will help you grow you business

Creating your page / catalogue on helps you reach out to a larger audience and increase revenue. You can share your page/catalogue on other online channels and increase awareness about your brand, product or service. Your page on not only helps you be organised, but also widens your reach and acts as an effective tool to provide information, build relationships and lends credibility.

Get Online

  • Create a page for your business/service
  • Add information you would like to display
  • Instantly upload images from phone
  • Create an online presence
  • Get registrations or queries online
  • Manage your business online
  • Get guidance for online classes
  • Enjoy all our services


Free Trial - 1 Month
Listing Fee - Rs 3,000 per annum

  • Sign Up and get one year subscription to the platform
  • Create a catalogue of your products & services
  • Add your profile to the page
  • Display image, details of class / estimated price of product/service and other details
  • Add upto 9 classes / paintings / handmade products / support services, etc. to your catalogue
  • Share catalogue on social media
  • Get your enquiries on mail or message
  • Get organised - Get online and reach out to a wider audience

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